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C-Cubed Technologies Ltd. specializes in custom add-ins for Autodesk Inventor. We provide custom programming solutions to improve your design productivity with Autodesk Inventor.

Latest Updates

2024/05/27 - iPropWiz 7 for Inventor 2025

iPropWiz7 for Autodesk Inventor 2025 is now available. Current iPropWiz7 customers must contact us for a new license (included in your maintenance).

2024/05/12 - iPropWiz 7 for Inventor 2025

We are looking for a few current iPropWiz 7 customers to test the new licensing for Autodesk Inventor 2025. Please contact us if you are testing or using Inventor 2025 and you would like to help with our testing.

2024/04/07 - iPropWiz 7 for Inventor 2025

Inventor 2025 add-ins require a newer .Net environment for development. iPropWiz 7 has been updated to work with Inventor 2025 but a new licensing model is required. This is in progress and will hopefully be completed this month (April 2024).

  • Existing users will require a new license, which is included in your subscription.
  • It will still be possible to run multiple versions of Inventor with iPropWiz 7.
  • The new development environment opens up new possiblities for iPropWiz, stay tuned.

2024/03/06 - iPropWiz 7 (Inventor 2022 - 2024)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated ipropWiz 7.22 (Inventor 2022) to include Automated Structural Shape Description Generators.
  • Fixed issue with loading Content Center for structural shape decription generators. Please update iPropWiz if you downloaded build .220
  • Property Editor: Fixed issue with user defined expressions.

2024/03/04 - iPropWiz 7 (Inventor 2022 - 2024)

Automated Structural Shape Descriptions

Do you require custom descriptions for your structural shapes placed from the Inventor Content Center, including with the Frame Generator tool? With the new Automated Structural Shape Description Generator you can define a custom, formatted description for each structural shape family used in your designs.

  • An iPropWiz configuration contains description generators for the specific configuration.
  • Any number of structural shape families can have a unique generator applied.
  • Description generators are defined by an administrator, no user interaction required.
  • The description is automatically gnerated on manual placement of the component in an assembly, or by the frame generator.
  • The generated description can be assigned to one of a variety of Inventor iProperites.
  • iPropWiz Custom Property Format Rules can be applied to the exported content center parameters (i.e., G_L)

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2023/10/13 - iPropWiz 7 (Inventor 2023 & 2024)

Model State Propery Management

iPropWiz now includes property management for model states in part and assembly documents. In an assembly you optionally have access to the specific model state of each component in the assembly. Additonally you can select one or more model states in the active part or assembly (open in its own window in Inventor) and manage the properties for the selected model state documents at the same time.

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