Reactivate or Transfer a Local License

All C-Cubed add-ins can be purchased with a local license that locks the use of the add-in to a single computer. The license is locked to the computer name. This licensing mechanism allows you to make almost any change to your system, including changing the operating sytem, without invalidating the license.

All installations of the add-in use a single license key. The add-in must be activated on each machine where it will be used, with each activation recorded against the number of activations allowed for your license key. You can easily purchase additional activations for your license key.


A local license typically supports deactivating the license on one computer and then activating the license on a computer with a different name. This enables you to move your license if your computer name must be changed.

Some C-Cubed add-ins do not support deactivation/activation of a local licenses. Check the product purchase web page for information on the specific add-in.

Important: If you regularly replace computers or have varied users who may not be consistently connected, consider purchasing floating licenses as these are not tied to a specific computer.

Reactivate a Local License

If you install a new operating system, change the hard drive on your computer, or even change computers you can use either of the following methods to reactivate your license.

Note: The following methods apply only if your computer retains the name it had when the local license was first activated.

  • Method 1: In the Install License dialog box, click Load License. Browse to a backup of the license file for your add-in and open it.

  • Method 2: Using the license key you received in the email when you purchased the add-in, activate the license again. As long as the name of the computer has not changed the license will be reactivated. This reactivation does not count against the number of activations allowed for the license key.

Transfer a Local License

The following list outlines the procedure for transferring a local license from the original computer it was installed on to a computer with a different name.

  1. In the add-in, find the locaton of the Deactivate license command. See the Help system for the add-in to locate this command.

  2. When the Install License dialog box is displayed, click Uninstall License. Confirm that you want to deactivate the license on this computer.

  3. Install the add-in on the new computer and activate the license as outlined in Installing a Local License.