Installing a Local License

All C-Cubed add-ins can be purchased with a local license that locks the use of the add-in to a single computer. The license is locked to the computer name. This licensing mechanism allows you to make almost any change to your system, including changing the operating sytem, without invalidating the license.

All installations of the add-in use a single license key. The add-in must be activated on each machine where it will be used, with each activation recorded against the number of activations allowed for your license key. You can easily purchase additional activations for your license key.


A local license typically supports deactivating the license on one computer and then activating the license on a computer with a different name. This enables you to move your license if your computer name must be changed.

Some C-Cubed add-ins do not support deactivation/activation of a local licenses. Check the product purchase web page for information on the specific add-in.

Important: If you regularly replace computers or have varied users who may not be consistently connected, consider purchasing floating licenses as these are not tied to a specific computer.

Trial License

Most C-Cubed add-ins can be freely used for an evaluation period, typically 30 days. The add-in splash screen may be displayed when Autodesk Inventor is started after installing the add-in, or more typically, when the add-in is first used in an Autodesk Inventor session. To continue evaluating the add-in, click the Try button. Some features of the add-in or the ability to save data or settings may be disabled during the evaluation.

Activate a Local License

To activate a license, click the Activate button when the splash screen is displayed.

If the add-in supports both local and floating licenses, the Select License Type dialog box is displayed. Click Local License. Click OK.

When the Install License dialog box is displayed, copy the license key from the e-mail you received when you purchased the add-in, and paste it into the License Key text box. Click Activate. If the license activation is successfule, the License Status will change to License Installed. Click Done to complete the activation.

Note: If the license is a subscription, the end date for your subscription is also displayed. You will receive renewal notifications near the end of your subscription term.

Note: If you do not have an active internet connection you can still activate a local license. See Manual Activation of a local License below for more information.

On activation, a license file is saved to C:\ProgramData\C-Cubed\[add-in name]\, where [add-in name] is the name of the add-in.

Tip: Optonally, you can save a copy of the license file to another location. In the activation dialog box, click Save License. Save the backup with a descriptive name identifying the computer where it is used. You can also manually copy the file shown above to a backup location. See below for instructions on re-loading your license.

Manual Activation of a Local License

If the C-Cubed license activation server cannot be reached, an Authentication Error message is displayed. Typically this is caused by a firewall or proxy server on your system preventing access to the license server. Click Yes to save the license file for manual activation. Save the file using a descriptive name.

Email the saved license file to

We will activate the license and return the file to you. When you next start the iPropWiz Configuration Editor or Property Editor, go through the steps outlined above. When the Install License dialog box is displayed, click Load License

Browse to and open the returned license file. Your license is installed. Click Done.