Deploying Plot Stamp Plus

Plot Stamp Plus can be deployed in organizations with one or hundreds of users. You would typically deploy a manager license for each administrator, or if you are a single user. Most users can be issued a client license, or can use a client floating license to enable plot stamps from the data created and saved with a manager license.

The following table outlines typical licensing senarios.

Requirements Recommended Licenses Comments
Single user Single manager license Manager license includes client license functionality
Small workgroup One (1) or more Manager licenses
Local or floating client licenses for others
Supply manager licenses to all administrators
Multiple workgroups Support each workgroup as above Plot stamp data can be copied between workgroups (not included in add-in)

Evaluating and Installing Plot Stamp Plus

The following steps outline how you might evaluate and implement the Plot Stamp Plus add-in.

  • Download and install Plot Stamp Plus on your evaluation machine.
  • Open an Inventor drawing (.idw and Inventor .dwg files are supported).
  • When the Plot Stamp Plus splash screen is displayed, click Try. The trial license is valid for 30 days.

  • Note: Plot stamp data and plot log setup information created with a trial version cannot be used by activated Plot Stamp Plus licenses (this applies to both manager and client licenses). You must create your production plot stamp data and plot log setup with an activated manager license.

  • Create multiple plot stamps and plots stamp sets. Review the help file for the add-in, and view video demos on the Plot Stamp Plus videos page
  • Optionally, create a plot log setup and determine the level of control users will have for plot logging.

  • When you are ready to implement Plot Stamp Plus, purchase appropriate numbers of both manager and client licenses.

  • Take advantage of the license packs or floating license packs for your client licenses. Each fixed license pack has a single key that is valid for the number of licenses indicated by the license pack description. It is generally much easier to manage fewer keys. You can optionally install a floating client license server for a local workgroup. See the add-in licensing page for details on our flexible licensing.

  • Activate one or more manager licenses. Create plot stamps and plot stamp sets, and optionally a plot log setup. Save the data to a shared network drive.
  • Install Plot Stamp Plus on the client machines. Activate the license using a local license key or to use a floating license. To avoid confusion activate the client licenses on the first use. Trial versions have the same functionality as a manager license but cannot access data saved with an activated manager license.
  • Client license users need only point to the location of the plot stamp data and select an active plot stamp set to get started.