Managing Floating Licenses

Each floating license server installation includes a stand alone application that displays the current state of the floating license server. The tool is located in the same folder where you unzipped the license server files. The name of the application is typically About[add-in name]LicServer.exe where [add-in name] is the name of the application. Do not move the file from this folder.

When you run the tool, a general summary of the license server is displayed.

Click the List Licenses button to display information about the computers that currently have a floating license assigned from this floating license server.

When the Licenses in Use dialog is displayed, you can click the Copy button to copy the list of current floating license users to the clipboard.

If one or more floating licenses have not been released as expected, you can click the Release all button to immediately release all floating licenses.


If the About dialog reports the serial number as Unknown, or the number of floating licenses is reported as zero (0), a problem exists with the license server. To remedy the problem you must uninstall the license server and reinstall using the procedure found here.