Installing a Floating License on a Client Machine

If you have purchased and installed a floating license server for an add-in, you can then setup each client machine to automatically obtain a license from the license server.


After you complete the setup of floating license on a client machine, the client machine will attempt to obtain a license from the license server each time Autodesk Inventor is started and the add-in is activated.

If the client becomes disconnected from the license server, the client license will be lost after a short period of time. You must restore the connection to the license server to obtain a new license.

Trial License

All C-Cubed add-ins can be freely used for an evaluation period, typically 30 days. The add-in splash screen may be displayed when Autodesk Inventor is started after installing the add-in, or more typically, when the add-in is first used in an Inventor session. To continue evaluating the add-in, click the Try button. Some features of the add-in or the ability to save data or settings may be disabled during the evaluation.

Activate a Floating License

To activate a license, click the Activate button when the splash screen is displayed.

If the add-in supports both fixed and floating licenses, the Select License Type dialog box is displayed.

  1. Click Floating Network License
  2. In the Server textbox, enter the name of the computer that is running the license server
  3. Click OK.

If the license server has available licenses, you are immediately granted one. The license is released when you close Autodesk Inventor. When you next start Autodesk Inventor and use the add-in, the add-in automatically obtains a license from the license server (if available).

Deactivate a Floating License

If you want to switch the licensing on a machine to use a fixed (local) license instead of obtaining a floating license, you must first deactivate the floating license.

In the add-in, find the command to deactivate the license.

When prompted to confirm the license deactivation, click OK.

The settings that enable the add-in to automatically obtain a license from the license server are removed. The next time you start Inventor and try to use the add-in, you will need to reactivate with either a local or floating license.