Updating iPropWiz:

iPropWiz includes a mechanism to easily manage updates for both the add-in and the help system. If a new version of either file is available, a message is displayed when you next start the iPropWiz Configuration Editior or Property Editor. The message is shown only once per Autodesk Inventor session.

The following list outlines the process to update the add-in, the help system, and any other files that may need updating:

  1. In the folder containing your iPropWiz configuration files, create a folder named Updates.

  2. Log-in to the iPropWiz Configuration Editor.

  3. On the toolbar, click Tools > Check for updates.

  4. Download the current iPropWiz6_Updates.zip file from the web site.

  5. Unzip the file and place the extracted files in the \Updates folder created in step 1. If the folder contains previous updates, overwrite the existing files.

When Autodesk Inventor is next started on a user's machine, the updates are installed. No user interaction is required.

  • If a problem is encountered during the update process, the user is informed that a manual update is required.

  • If a manual update is required, you can copy files over the existing files. Autodesk Inventor must be closed before updating the files.

  • The install location for iPropWiz 6 is C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Inventor Addins\C-Cubed\iPropWiz 6. All iPropWiz 6 add-in files are located here unless specifically noted.

  • The help file (iPropWiz.chm) is located in the \Help subfolder.

  • Occasionally, the update must be performed manually. Specific instructions are included with these updates. See the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS UPDATE - READ ME FIRST.doc file included with the update for details.