iPropWiz 7 Change Log

The change log list the most recent changes at the top. All iPropWiz 7 versions updated with the changes are listed in the Build Number column.

Build Number Date Description 2021-06-17
Property Editor: Fixed issue where on some machines the property editor did not update after selection change in Inventor.
General: Reduced memory use and improved memory management. 2021-06-03
Property Editor: Fixed issue with blank document browser after re-activating the PE.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with selection issue causing crash in iPropWiz 7.19.
Property Editor: More selective updates for physical properties and exported extents. Greatly reduced update times for large assemblies.
Property Editor: Improved selection performance. PE only responds to selection changes if visible and active.
General: Updated configuration support for additional data stored in iPropWiz 7.22
New - Initial release for Inventor 2022 (iPropWiz 7.22).
- Note: Use full iPropWiz 7.22 installer after installing Inventor 2022.
- Initial release has same functionality as iPropWiz 7.21 build.
- Instance property management available soon.
- Model state property mangement available Summer 2021. 2021-05-13
iPropWiz Property Copy: Fixed issue when Material included in iPropWiz property copy / paste. 2021-05-11
Property Editor: Fixed issue with hide/show description column in list drop downs. 2021-05-07
Property Editor: Fixed issue with exported extents for some multi-solid body part files. 2021-04-21
Property Editor: v7.21 only - Fixed issue with expression driven property failing to update.
Configuration Editor: Fixed issue when changing configurations and custom dictionary not set. 2021-03-29
Property Editor: Fixed issue with extents export formatting. 2021-03-24
General: Bug fixes for previous build. 2021-03-23
Property Editor: Fixed issue with editing of library part properties.
Property Editor: Significant additional performance improvments when loading and switching documents.
Property Editor: Restoration of alphabetically ordered documents in the document browser. Greatly improved performance switching between document sorting states.
Property Editor: Improved algorithim for part model extents when standard range box option selected.
Property Editor: Improved configuration loading when large assembly or drawing opened. Confiuration loading now 100x faster in some cases.
Property Editor: Temporary removal of alphabetically ordered documents in the document browser. This will return in the next update. The hierarchical document structure is retained.
Property Editor: Improved performance when changing document types that are included for display in the document browser.
New - Property Editor: Toggle added to turn iPropWiz document browser ON/OFF.
- When OFF, component selection in the Inventor graphics window or Inventor browser is still supported.
- When OFF, improved iPropWiz performance with very large assembly or drawing documents.
- See the updated Help topic for more information.
Property Editor: Fixed issue when Custom Material Library does not contain a 'Generic' material and a Virtual Component is selected for property editing.
Property Editor: Comments property now opens on single mouse click in Value cell.
Property Editor: Additional fixes for rounding errors in exported physical property values.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with 'Update drawing on model property change' setting not sticking between Inventor sessions.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with Dictionary language not updating when changed in Configuration Editor.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with some property values not updating when 'Save property edits on selection change' is active.
Property Editor: Fixed error logging when material list loading.
Property Editor: Assembly extents now shown in extents grid even if extents properties not exported.
Configuration Editor: Fixed issue with Admin password entry not being obscured.
General: Fixed issue with iPropWiz configuration files management. Error report generated unexpectedly.
Property Editor: Fixed random rounding error for length values in exported physical properties.
Property Editor: Sheet metal thickness now displayed in extents grid. (See below).
New - Configuration Editor: Added Flat Pattern Thickness as exported physical property. See the Sheet Metal Properties tab.
Configuration Editor: Fixed issue with improper initialization of New Configuration.
General: Fixed a number of stability issues.
New - Configuration Editor: Added Manage custom properties dialog. Grid based tool to add/remove/rename/reoder custom properties in the active Inventor document during configuration setup.
Property Editor: Fixed crash when deactivating/activating PE from toolbar button.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with materials not displayed. Temporary change to material asset behavior, materials now loaeded from active material asset library only.
General: Fixed a number of stability issues.
General: For Inventor 2021 / iPropWiz 7.21 users, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to Inventor 2021.2.
General: Fixed issue with loading Inventor asset libraries.
General: Fixed small issues with scaling forms on high DPI screens.
General: Updated iPropWiz 7.19 to match features.
General: Fixed iPropWiz 7 settings corruption if drawing opened first.
Property Editor: Part select mode in a drawing document where the view contains a single part is now supported.
Property Editor: Form position less likely to become corrupt in iPropWiz settings file. 2020-11-08
General: All Inventor 2021 builds can now use the latest iPropWiz 7 build.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with crash on component selection in Inventor.
Property Editor: Updates to UI scaling on high DPI monitors.
Property Editor: Fixed crash when returning from Proerty Editor Options dialog.
New - General: Document icons obey Inventor Standard/Amber color choice.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with flat pattern updates in extents grid.
Property Editor: Fixed crash when IDW or DWG is the first opened file in an Inventor session.
Property Editor: Fixed crash when unresolved component selected in assembly.
Property Editor: Fixed display issue when Comments iProperty is the first property in the active iPropWiz property set.
General: Resolved some issues with installed .NET framework version. All iPropWiz 7 vesion now built on .NET 4.7.2. This change requies v7.21 to use the full installer for an update
New - Property Editor: User defined expression can be recognized when a text property is driven by a simple text list. See updated help.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with adding or requesting new item in simple text list.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with flat pattern extents not updating in extents grid or exported properties.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with list based expressions not sticking after being applied.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with user expression not being made available when specified in configuration.
Configuration Editor: Fixed issues with applying formatting to exported physical properties.
General: Fixed issue with formatting rule not being applied to some exported physical properties.
General: Fixed issues with iPropWiz7Updater.dll. Full installation required for update.
Property Editor: Fixed issue when Autodesk Inventor running as invisible process.
Property Editor: Added links to About iPropWiz dialog and iPropWiz website to Help button drop down.
Property Editor: Fixed startup error when opening drawing document first.
Configuration Editor: Custom iProperties for minimum bounding box extents no longer shown in available properties.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with exported extents properties for library parts.
Property Editor: Fixed issue with property editor not updating after selection change in assembly.
2020-07-18 Initial release